The Loyal Nine

The Loyal Nine

Bestselling author Bobby Akart combines political suspense, black-ops action and dystopian chaos in The Loyal Nine, Book One in The Boston Brahmin Series:

1764—Weary of burdensome taxes and unfair treatment, a secret cabal of NINE extraordinary Bostonians plots against
the British Empire—planting the seed of rebellion. In 1775, their seeds blossom into the Revolutionary War, paving the way for a new Republic. America is born, and the LOYAL NINE fade into history.

250 Years Later, America teeters on the edge of an economic and societal collapse. With riots sweeping the country, Europe on the brink of war with the Russians, and the U.S. dollar under siege by the Chinese—the LOYAL NINE return.

Groomed from birth by a secretive collection of powerful benefactors, a second group of NINE has been assembled to protect America from “enemies foreign and domestic.”

Led by Henry Winthrop Sargent IV “Sarge,” an unassuming Harvard professor, and his brother Steven, a former Navy SEAL turned mercenary; the LOYAL NINE shape national policy and protect interests abroad for their mysterious benefactors—THE



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