Introducing The Blackout Series by Bobby Akart

Introducing The Blackout Series by Bobby Akart

UPDATE36 HOURS, book one in The Blackout Series, is a five-time Amazon Best Seller including the top ranking in Post-Apocalyptic fiction and Dystopian Science Fiction!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO  if a voice was screaming in your head – GET READY . . .
for a catastrophic event of epic proportions . . . with no idea where to start . . . or how, or when?

This is a true story, it just hasn’t happened yet.

THE BLACKOUT SERIES:  A new dystopian, post-apocalyptic fiction series from six-time best-selling author Bobby Akart (The Boston Brahmin series and the Prepping for Tomorrow series).

The characters depicted in The Blackout Series are fictional. The events, however, are based upon fact.

This is not the story of preppers with stockpiles of food, weapons, and a hidden bunker. This is the story of Colton Ryman, his stay-at-home wife, Madison, and their teenage daughter, Alex. In 36 Hours, the Ryman family and the rest of the world will be thrust into the darkness of a post-apocalyptic world.

A catastrophic solar flare, an EMP—a threat from above to America’s soft underbelly below—is hurtling toward our planet.

The Rymans have never heard of preppers and have no concept of what prepping entails. But they’re learning, while they run out of time. Their faith will be tested, their freedom will be threatened, but their family will survive.

An EMP, naturally generated from the sun in the form of a solar flare, has happened before, and it will happen again, in only 36 Hours.

This is a story about how our sun, the planet’s source of life, can also devastate our modern world. It’s a story about panic, chaos, and the final straws that shattered an already thin veneer of civility. It is a warning to us all …

never underestimate the depravity of man.

What would you do when the clock strikes zero? Midnight is forever.

THE BLACKOUT SERIES by Author Bobby Akart


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Note: This book does not contain strong language. It is intended to entertain and inform audiences of all ages, including teen and young adults. Although some scenes depict the realistic threat our nation faces from a devastating solar flare, and the societal collapse which will result in the aftermath, it does not contain graphic scenes typical of other books in the post-apocalyptic genre.


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