Prepper Checklist

Prepper Checklist

Preppers who are not adequately prepared place added risks on the people who rely upon them. A well-organized Prepper Checklist with assigned responsibilities will maximize your odds of survival. Your Prepper Checklist is a list of functions, or capabilities that you need to provide for in each of the survival categories. A comprehensive prepper checklist acts as both a shopping list of items that you need to get or put into a kit and a to-do list. This Prepper Checklist accomplishes both.

A Preppers Checklist is always evolving. Your Preparedness Plan will change as your knowledge and skills advance. This Preppers Checklist allows for the individual needs of each Prepper while still accomplishing common goals.


The list is broken up into general categories to help keep things organized. You can learn more on

Prepper Basics are the minimum requirements of preparedness that you should strive to accomplish as fast as possible. They are the basic levels of preparedness that a new prepper starting out should achieve as soon as possible. Advanced Preppers levels allow for surviving longer durations and/or increases the capacity of your prepper group.

Remember the Prepper Rule of Threes and buy backups to everything!

Three is two, two is one, one is none.

Off Grid Energy Options


•    Ability to recharge NiMH or
NiCd batteries from an indefinite power source , in the sizes you use (AAA, AA,
C, D, 9V)


•    Minimum 4,000 Watt Generator,
preferably tri-fuel (gas, propane, natural gas or solar)


•    Fuel storage to power
generator for four hours per day, ninety days total


•    Put Uninterruptible Power
Supplies on all computers and other sensitive critical electronic equipment in
a Faraday Cage


•    Spare extension cords


•    Battery maintenance items


•    Solar-power, or other
renewable/long-term power, setup capable of running all mission critical
devices for indefinite period, working eventually to powering entire household


•    Deep Cycle Batteries


•    1000 Watt Inverter


•    Stored Gasoline


•    Sta-Bil for stored Gasoline


•    Stored Diesel


•    Spare parts for Alternate Energy generations,
(fuses, wire, connectors, inverter parts, etc.)


•    Candles


•    Propane Lanterns


•    Oil Lamps


•    Headlamps for everyone




•    Three complete changes of
rugged clothes for all members


•    Three complete changes of
sleep clothes for all members


•    Seven changes of underclothes
for each member


•    One pair of rugged,
waterproof boots for each member


•    Socks – Socks – Socks


•    One pair of comfortable shoes
(sneakers, sandals, etc.) for each member


•    Outer gear (boots, gloves,
mittens, scarves, hats, etc) for all climates (cold weather, rain, etc.)


•    Spare shoe & boot laces


•    Fourteen changes of
underclothes for each member


•    Spare boots (rugged and


•    Spare comfort shoes


•    Ability to make/repair


•    Ability to make/repair boots
and shoes


•    Quantity of various materials
for repairs and creation of clothing


•    Second (spare) set of outer
gear for all climates




•    World Band Radio


•    Hand Crank Weather Band,
AM/FM Radio


•    Base Station Short Wave Radio


•    Ham Radio, Bao-Feng or


•    CB Radio


•    Two-Radios


•    Bullhorns


•    Tactical Communications (0 –
5 miles), generally a hand-held radio unit (FRS, GMRS, Ham, CB, etc.), to
transmit and receive, with extra batteries (see also alternate energy)


•    Shortwave radio with SSB
capability, for general listening of world events


•    Basic computer to access the
Internet and review files (.doc. .pdf. .html. etc.) {it should be obvious that
an Internet connection goes along with this}


•    AM/FM radio, battery operated
(TV sound optional, but might be worthwhile if you are close to a TV broadcast
tower that can run on emergency power)


•    Plans and equipment for
making expedient antennas (see Information and Plans)


•    Radio and computer manuals
and backup discs (see Information and Plans)


If you have a cell phone, have a 12VDC charging cord for it, and a spare
battery for it


•    Pocket list of contact
numbers for family, friends, team members (see also Information and Plans)


•    Long distance phone calling
card that doesn’t expire


•    Pocket list of frequencies
(see also Information and Plans)


•    USB drive containing pocket
computer system (OS, files, programs, PGP, etc.)


•    USB drive containing your
data files


•    Door Intercom for
communicating with people outside your door, while staying safe inside


•    Short-distance Communications
(up to 50 miles) (generally, a mobile ham VHF/UHF radio and a vehicle or yagi
antenna), transmit and receive


•    Pocket radio for
short-distance digital communications (can be particularly useful for local
Groups/Teams/Family Units)


•    Long-distance communications
(greater than 50 miles), generally ham HF, transmit and receive


•    Ham Radio Email, like
Wavemail or Winlink/Netlink over HF and possibly VHF (Packet)


•    Satellite phone


•    Always store your electronics
in Faraday Cages when not in use.


•    Defense (Safety and Security)


•    Each member of the household
should have the following weapons:


•    Full size handgun and a
concealed carry weapon (same caiber)


•    Shotgun


•    Hunting rifle (for sniping
and hunting)


•    Battle rifle (AR15, AR10, or


•    .22 Caliber rifle and handgun
for training


•    A “throwaway weapon” that
your willing to give up in the event of gun confiscation. It’s better to give
up a “throwaway” to divert attention from your real weapons cache.


•    One thousand rounds per


•    Every handgun has a holster,
every rifle and shotgun has a sling; cases for all firearms


•    Several magazines for every
firearm that uses one


•    Cleaning gear for all


•    Spare parts for every
firearm, and detailed manuals


•    Reloading equipment and
supplies for each of your main calibers


•    Security system that monitors
home inside perimeter


•    Knives


•    Machete


•    Compound Bow


•    Extra Arrows


•    Slingshot


•    Snare Wire


•    Monitoring system so that you
know when someone has breached key areas of your property


•    Outside floodlights on motion
sensors covering the outside perimeter of home and any other key areas on


•    Put out small fires (a fire
extinguisher for kitchen, garage and every level of the home)


•    Smoke & carbon monoxide
detectors on all floors


•    Camera surveillance around home, complete 360


•    Motion and seismic sensors
monitoring perimeter and other key areas of property


•    External fire suppression


•    Add laminate to exterior
windows (resists break-ins, etc.)


•    Hardened Safe room, from
physical assaults (weather, crime, etc.)


•    Night Vision (mono- or


•    You can’t have too many fire
extinguishers. You need to be able to put out a fire quickly, especially if
there is no fire department available.


Financial Preparedness


•    Cash on hand


•    Supply of hard currency
(silver, gold, etc.)


•    Supply of barter goods (We
suggest heirloom seeds)


•    Ability to capitalize on
opportunities (like, group buys or cheap land after a crisis/pandemic)


•    Know the silver content of
junk silver and the gold content of various coins and how to convert that into
current market value


•    Know how to calculate and
determine specific gravity for various metals (how to spot fake silver and


•    Use gold to store larger
amounts of wealth and silver for smaller amounts. Silver is also better in a
barter environment.


Cooking Off The Grid


•    Gas Grill


•    Camp Stove


•    Rocket Stove


•    Solar Dehydrator


•    Meat Grinder


•    Grain Grinder


•    Non-electric Can Opener


•    Fire Pit


•    Solar Oven


•    Spare Propane


•    Matches and Lighters


•    Butane Stove


•    Cast Iron Cookware


•    Food Storage


•    Stored food for as long as
you plan on living


•    Wheat


•    Rice


•    Pasta


•    Beans


•    Oatmeal


•    Dry Milk


•    Honey


•    Sugar


•    Vinegar


•    Lemon Juice


•    Cooking Oil


•    Coffee/Tea


•    Canned Goods


•    Spices


•    Condiments


•    Water Enhancers


•    Baking Essentials (Yeast,
Salt, etc.)


•    Sprouting Seeds


•    Non-hybrid, Heirloom Garden Seeds


•    Portable capability for
minimum-prepared foods for 14 days (for traveling, short-term missions, etc.)


•    Gather more food: hunt, fish,
trap/snare, gather wild plants


•    Dress and prepare gathered


•    Keep perishable food cold
using alternative energy methods for 30 days (see Alternative Energy)


•    Disposable flatware for 30


•    Open cans and other packaging


•    Cook food 3 times a day with
alternate methods for 30 days (minimum, work up to 90 days)


•    Have cookware that can be
used over an open fire (pots, pans, kettles, etc.)


•    Durable cooking utensils
(including pots, pans, etc.)


•    Equipment to cook over fire
pit (grates, tripods, hooks, etc.)


•    Recipes for making a variety
of dishes from the food you store


•    Spices to make food more
palatable, enjoyable, varied


•    One year’s worth of food, in
any combination of every day, minimum-prepared, and long-term storage foods,
with the experience and equipment to prepare it


•    Portable capability for
minimum-prepared foods for 30 days or more (for traveling)


•    Grow food and harvest the
seeds for the next planting


•    Grow and tend livestock


•    Preserve food on indefinite
basis (canning, smoking, jerking, etc)


•    Keep perishable food cold
using alternative energy methods


•    Minimum-prepared foods are
those that require little or no cooking before eating.


•    Disposable Flatware—plates,
bowls, cups, spoons, forks, knives, napkins, etc. The idea of disposable flatware
is to reduce consumption of water and is typically for shorter-term events.


•    Cooking Oils


Preparedness Plan


•    Acquire the proper insurance
(home, renter, auto, health, life etc.) and safeguard the insurance plan and
contact information


•    Document with pictures and/or
video all possessions for insurance purposes, including writing down the serial
numbers for guns and electronics.


•    Post in a quick-access
location the numbers for all emergency services (police, fire, ambulance,
poison control, utility services), and include non-emergency numbers for the
same services as well as family, friends, neighbors, etc.


•    Post a list of important
websites next to (or along with) the important phone numbers.


•    Copies of personal
information like birth certificates, SS cards, driver licenses, with current
pictures, kept in fire safe.


•    A list of “last-minute
purchase items” – in case you have time to “top off”


Current inventory


•    Resource materials (books,
CDs, etc.) covering a wide range of topics


•    Instruction and repair
manuals for everything


•    Backups of all important
computer files


•    Hard copies (printouts) of
all critical information contained in computer files


•    Backup copies of your
computer data on discs, USB flash drives, portable HDDs


•    An evacuation plan and
prioritized grab list


•    Plans and equipment for
making expedient antennas (see Communications and Computing)


•    Pocket list of contact
numbers for family, friends, team members (see Communications and Computing)


•    Pocket list of radio
frequencies used (see Communications and Computing)


•    Forms of entertainment
(games, books, music, DVDs, CDs, MP3 players drawing, coloring, cards,
football, frisbee, baseball/throwing ball, soccer ball, etc.)


•    Maps of surrounding area with
extensive notes on routes and areas, including conditions at different times of
the year (see Navigation and Signaling)


•     “Range cards” for your
entire property


Personal Items


•    Purse


•    Wallet


•    ID


•    Watch


•    Money


•    A “last-minute checklist” is
generally a bad thing to implement. It’s better to have all the equipment and
supplies on hand before an event occurs.


•    A Grab List is a list of
items that you want to take with you in case you need to evacuate your home.
The grab list should include everything that you would want to take, in
priority order, so that you don’t have to try and remember while you’re
scrambling to evacuate.


•    Additional Entertainment
considerations include games for kids, books (or reading material) for both
education and learning resources, and books that show how to play more games
(adult and children) using cards and other materials.


•    It’s a good idea to keep
important documents in a fire-resistant safe


•    Lighting


•    Flashlights


•    Lanterns, Battery and Oil


•    Light Sticks


•    Solar Lights


•    Candles


•    Area light (prefer safe LED
or fluorescent instead of flame-based light)


•    Spotlight, handheld, battery
powered (see Alternate Energy)


•    Provide power to all normal
light for home with Alternative Energy.


•    Spare parts for all lights
(bulbs, etc.)


•    LED lights are preferred due
to their lower consumption of battery power.


•    Navigation & Signaling


•    Maps of surrounding area,
including topo, road atlas, etc. (see also Information and Plans)


•    Compass, several quality


•    Protractor, rulers, grid
squares, alcohol-erase markers, pencils, grease pencils etc. for map use


•    Waterproof map cases,
waterproofed maps, or maps covered in clear acetate


•    GPS with built-in mapping
software and direct-entry of information (coordinates, descriptions, etc),
preloaded with the appropriate maps


•    Power support for GPS (see
Alternative Energy)


•    Prepping for Pandemics,
Nuclear + BioTerror Attacks


•    N100 or P100 masks/filters


•    Tyvek suits, including hood
and over-boots


•    Nitrile gloves


•    Air filtration system capable
of providing positive pressure in a saferoom area, with spare filters


•    EMP surge protectors on all
sensitive equipment


•    Decontamination gear and


•    6 mil plastic in rolls and
metal tape for safe rooms plus back up materials


•    Potassium Iodine/Iodate (KI)
tablets, enough for a minimum of 14 days for each person


•    Log book for noting exposures
and readings, pencils, pens, calculator, ruler, log-log paper


•    Radiological Instruction
manual (like “Fallout Survival” by Druce D. Clayton; FEMA)


•    Air filtration system capable
of providing positive pressure to whole house, with spare filters


•    EMP surge protectors on all house outlets


•    Radiation meters (survey and


•    Fallout shelter


•    Hygiene & Sanitation


•    Toilet Paper


•    Two pairs of eyeglasses, both
with current prescription


•    Eyeglass retaining straps


•    Toiletries: Make sure you can
do everything in the bathroom that you do on a daily basis, including:


•    Bath / wash (soap)


•    Dental care


•    Denture care


•    Hand Wash


•    Clean eye contacts


•    Nail trimmers


•    Hair comb/brush


•    Makeup


•    Shave cream and disposable


•    deodorant/antiperspirant


•    Keep skin from drying


•    Tweezers


•    Clean ears


•    Nose tissue


•    Dry self (towels)


•    Feminine hygiene items


•    Garbage disposal and


•    Plastic trash bags for waste
both human and other to keep buckets clean


•    Deodorizers (Lysol, baking
soda and vinegar, liquid porta-potty enzymes, etc.)


•    Lice/Nit comb


•    Camp showers


•    Body Bags


Cleaning Supplies


•    Bleach/Pool Shock


•    Comet


•    Baking Soda


•    Washing Soda


•    Borax


•    Bar Soap


•    Vinegar


•    Mop and Bucket


•    Broom and Dust Pan


•    Scrub Brushes


•    Dish Pan


•    Trash Bags


•    Trash Cans


•    Burn Barrel


•    Compost garbage and waste


•    Spare buckets


Pets & Animals


•    30 days of stored food and
water for each pet


•    Ability to handle pet waste
if pet cannot go outside for 30 days


•    Pet care needs, special
medications, toys, etc for 30 days


•    Leashes and kennels for each


•    Tie-down stake


•    Pest control for pets


•    Shot / Vet record


•    Up-to-date shots


•    90 or more days of stored
food and water for each pet, eventually working towards an indefinite supply
for all pets


•    Ability to handle pet waste
if pet cannot go outside for 90+ days


•    Pet care needs, special
medications, toys, etc for 90+ days


•    Pet first-Aid kit


•    Tested recipes for pet food
from stored and/or gathered food sources, food scraps, etc.


•    Shelter, Fire & Warmth


•    Tents, enough tent space to
contain all members and gear


•    Tarps, decent selection for
general and miscellaneous use


•    Sleeping bag or other bedding
of choice for each member, capable of keeping person warm in sub-freezing


•    Ability to make fire in, at
least, 3 different ways


•    Spare sheets and blankets


•    Pillows


•    Alternate heating source for


•    Land Mobile – more durable
and mobile sheltering system (e.g., camping trailer)


•    Shelter building tools (see
Tools, Repair and Utility)


•    Shelter repair supplies:
plywood, wood strips, plastic sheeting, screws, nails, etc. (see also Tools,
Repair and Utility below)


•    Pre-cut plywood for covering
windows if you are in a Hurricane area


•    Ability to repair and
maintain your home: Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Roofing, Fencing,
Concrete, Welding, etc.


•    Tools, Repair & Utility


•    Buckets, with and without


•    Basic socket set


•    Basic screwdriver set


•    Basic wrench set


•    Basic set of saws (wood,
metal, etc.)


•    Basic set of files


•    Basic wrench set


•    Multi-meter


•    Tarp and plastic sheeting for
temporary repair of roof, windows, and siding from storm damage. Large-head
nails and wood strips to attach them


•    Multi-tool, quality


•    Hammers


•    Shovels


•    Pickaxe


•    Axe


•    Hatchet


•    Rope


•    Wire (bailing and electrical)


•    Twine


•    Fuses


•    Crimp connectors


•    Scissors (need several pair
for different tasks; a good set of scissors is indispensable)


•    Soldering iron


•    Solder


•    Drill and drill bits


•    Measuring tool (tape measure,
carpenter’s rule, etc.)


•    Repair/Mend clothing


•    Sewing kit


•    Clothes pins, wooden


•    Eyeglass repair kit


•    Gather & prepare firewood
(axes, saws, splitter, etc.)


•    Chainsaws


•    Supply of nails, screws, and
some lumber for structural repair of house


•    Parts & tools to repair
critical plumbing items


•    Spare buckets, with and
without lids


•    Welding setup


•    Transportation


•    Keep all vehicles in good


•    Four wheel drive on main vehicle,
or traction-enhanced (locking differentials, etc.)


•    Main vehicle needs to be able
to carry everyone in family, including a minimum of gear and supplies for 1


•    Main vehicle needs to run on
standardized fuel (gasoline, diesel), not specialized fuel (high octane,
bio-mix, propane,etc.)


•    Stored fuel for one full tank
(e.g., if your vehicle’s tank holds 20 gallons, store 20 gallons) in
man-portable containers


•     ‘Fix a flat’ or Slime


•    Self-vulcanizing plug kit


•    Air compressor (12 VDC)


•    Hose clamps, various sizes
(or hose wrap or duct tape)


•    Siphon hose


•    Funnels


•    Full-sized spare tire


•    Emergency road equipment
(flares, warning reflectors, etc.)


•    Navigation (maps, GPS, etc.),
stored in vehicle


•    Basic spare parts (hoses,
belts, sparks plugs, fasteners, etc.)


•    Extra fluids (oil, coolant,
transmission fluid, washer fluid, etc.)


•    Tool kit, stored in vehicle


•    Fire extinguisher


•    Jumper cables


•    Recovery strap/tow rope


•    Extended fuel storage


•    Additional spare parts for




•    Bottled Water


•    Canteen/Camelback


•    Rain Barrel


•    Water Bottle with Filter


•    Water Purification Tablets


•    Pool Shock/Bleach


•    Kettle w/ Lid for Boiling


•    Charcoal and Sand


•    Mosquito Netting


•    Coffee Filters


•    Purify / disinfect water with
Bleach or Calcium Hypochlorite


•    Pre-filter / purify /
disinfect water with coffee filters or panty hose


•    Berkey Water Filter, a Life
Straw, or similar devices for home and bugging out


•    Dedicated “dirty water ”
containers* equal to about 30 gallons, plus additional containers to catch rain


•    Spigot-controlled water (on /
off valve) – Sillcock Key


•    Have 5-day supply stored in
containers that are easy to move when full


•    Portable capability to
pre-filter / purify / disinfect water for additional 30 days or more


•    Gather large quantities of
water, in excess of 100 gallons at a time


•    Rain Catchment System


Weather Information


•     NOAA weather radio


•     Basic understanding of
clouds, weather systems and storms typical in your area


•     Weather reference book or


•     Thorough understanding of
weather related alerts, watches and warnings


•     Handheld weather measurement


•     Powered Weather monitoring


•     Attend Weather Spotter
class/participate in area SKYWARN activities/training


Medical Supplies


•    Nitrile Gloves
(hypoallergenic), in various sizes for larger group supplies


•    Cold packs/Hot packs, instant
and/or reusable


•    Scalpels and/or Field Knife


•    Ace Wraps


•    Israeli Bandage or other
compression bandages


•    Celox or Quikclot hemostatic
clotting agents (stops moderate to severe bleeding in wounds)


•    Tourniquets (CAT, SOF-T,
SWAT, EMT are examples)


•    Compressed Gauze (H and H
brand is an example)


•    Steri-strips or Butterfly
Closures and Tincture of Benzoin (to help the strips stick to skin)


•    Nail Scissors or Clippers


•    Hemostat Clamp 5”, Straight
or Curved


•    3-0 Nylon or Silk Suture


•    Super Glue or Medical Glue


•    Tweezers (in various sizes
and tips for larger group supplies)


•    Penlight and Headlamp


•    Bandage Scissors 7.25”
Stainless steel (better) or EMT scissors


•    Adhesive Bandages, various
sizes (non-latex if possible)


•    ABD Dressings, in small and
large sizes


•    Gauze Dressings Sterile and
Non-sterile, various sizes


•    Non-Stick Sterile Dressings (Telfa
type), various sizes


•    Roller Gauze Sterile
Dressings (Kerlix), various sizes


•    Moleskin or Molepad


•    Mylar, Solar, or Survival


•    Cloth Medical Tape


•    Duct Tape


•    Triangular Bandage with
safety pins, and bandannas


•    Ammonia Inhalants


•    Antibiotic Ointment or
Creams, like Triple, Bacitracin, Neomycin and Bactroban (Rx)


•    Alcohol Wipes,
Povidone-iodine (Betadine) Wipes, BZK wipes (Benzalkonium Chloride)


•    Burn Gel and Hydrocortisone


•    Sting Relief Wipes


•    Hand Sanitizer


•    Lip balm, and Sunscreen


•    Ibuprofen Tablets, Benadryl
Tablets and Rehydration Packets


•    Waterproof Paper and Pencil


•    First Aid Reference Book


•    Headlamps, with extra
batteries (for night or poor lighting conditions)


•    Instant Glucose and/or Raw
Unprocessed Honey


•    Chest Seals, Vented, 2 per
pack (entry and exit wound coverage)


•    Oral Airways (to keep airway


•    Nasal airways- NPAs (keeps
airways open) and Surgical lube


•    Soap and/or Dr. Bronner’s
Castile liquid soap


•    CPR Shields


•    Safety Pins (large), Rubber
Bands and Paper Clips


•    Scalpel and disposable blades


•    Neck Collars, various sizes


•    Extra Large Absorbent Pads
(ABD or other brand)


•    Petrolatum/Xeroform dressings
in various sizes


•    Burn Dressings and Burn


•    Coban or Self-Adhering Wraps


•    Liquid Bandage (Like New


•    Medical Tapes, various types
(Elastoplast, Silk, and Paper) and sizes (1 inch, 2 inch etc.)


•    Skin Tac Liquid Adhesive
Barrier (prepares skin for application of tapes, dressings and protects the
skin with a hypo-allergenic sticky film) or equivalent Skin Prep Wipes


•    Moleskin or Spenco Second
Skin Blister kit


•    Styptic Pencils


•    Eye Cups, Eye Pads, Patches
and Eye wash


•    SAM splints and Slings


•    Blood Pressure Cuff, various
sizes (sphygmomanometer)


•    Stethoscopes


•    Bio Glo Strips (Fluorescein
sodium Rx only)- used to stain the eye


•    Cobalt Blue light bulb to
shine on the injured eye – visualization of cuts or foreign objects


•    Cotton Swabs (Q-tips), Cotton
Balls, Cotton-tipped applicators, Cotton Rounds


•    Face Masks (surgical and N95)


•    Chest Decompression Needles


•    Tongue Depressors


•    Magnifying Glasses


•    Extra Batteries


•    Glow Sticks


•    Multi Tools


•    Safety Pins and Rubber bands


•    Paracord 550


•    Ring Cutter


•    Kelly Clamps, straight and
curved in various sizes


•    Needle Holders


•    Half Circle sewing needles
and Silk Thread


•    Sutures in many variations,
such as:


•    Silk, Nylon and Prolene 0,
2-0, 3-0, 4-0(non-absorbable)


•    Sharps Disposal Box


•    Suture Removal Tray


•    Surgical Staplers and Staple


•    Iodoform Sterile Packing


•    Micropore Tape


•    Styptic Pencil (stops
bleeding from superficial cuts)


•    Silver Nitrate Sticks and
Cautery Pens


•    Saline Solution (several
liter bottles), or DIY with recipe in this book


•    Irrigation Syringes (60-100
ml is good) and Irrigation Cups (like Zerowet)


•    Hair Combs and Brushes


•    Nail Files, Foot Files and
Heel Creams


•    Thermometers (rectal and ear)


•    Hot Water Bottles and Ice Bags
(both reusable)


•    Ziploc Bags, Plastic Wrap


•    Aluminum Foil (use to sharpen
scissors, by cutting the foil several times)


•    Cotton Sheets (100% in white)


•    Eye Droppers and Bulb


•    Measuring Spoons and Cups


•    Antiseptic Solutions in large
and medium quantities (Betadine, Hibiclens, etc.)


•    Hydrogen Peroxide 3% and 6-7%


•    Rubbing Alcohol


•    Enema Bags


•    Nutritional Supplements
(Boost, Ensure)


•    Vitamins, multi, and
Pregnancy Vitamins


•    Sunblock


•    Lip Balms


•    Insect Repellants


•    Bactine or equivalent (for
cuts and bug bites)


•    Fels-Naptha/Zanfel Soap
(poison ivy, oak and sumac)


•    Poison Ivy Wipes (like


•    Hydrocortisone Cream 1%


•    Lidocaine Cream or jelly 2.5%
(topical anesthetic)


•    Dermoplast Spray and
Solarcaine Cool Aloe Burn


•    Medi-First Burn Spray (analgesic,
antiseptic and liquid bandaid all in one)


•    Biofreeze Gel or Cold Freeze
Spray for intact skin only


•    Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen/Aspirin


•    Benadryl (Diphenhydramine)


•    Epinephrine (Epi-pen,
prescription injection for severe allergic reactions)


•    Claritin (Loratadine)


•    Anti-Nausea Medication
(Meclizine hydrochloride 2.5mg tablets)


•    Zofran (Rx for nausea and


•    Ear and Eye Drops


•    Cough Syrup and


•    Expectorants (to loosen up
thick mucus)


•    Decongestants (to move mucus
out of the respiratory system)


•    Vicks Vapor Rub


•    Nebulizer, saline, tubing,
mask or mouth piece (plus Rx Albuterol single dose liquid)


•    Sleep Aids (like Alteril,
Tylenol PM, Melatonin, Chamomile or Valerian Tea etc.)


•    Fiber Supplements (Metamucil)


•    Stool Softeners and Laxatives


•    Suppositories and Finger Cots


•    Beano or equivalent (to
reduce gas formation with certain foods)


•    Anti-Diarrheal, Imodium


•    Pepto-Bismol (Bismuth


•    Heartburn Medications and
natural treatments


•    Rid Shampoo/Nix Lotion or
Creme Rinse and Nix Electric Lice Comb (for lice)


•    Oral Rehydration Packs and
Gatorade Packets (or make it from scratch)


•    Water Purification Tablets


•    Emergency Water Bag


•    Water Filters, portable and
large family size


•    Waterproof Matches, lighters
and other methods to start fires


•    Gold Bond Foot Powder


•    Calamine lotion


•    Burn Cream (Rx Silvadene),
Burn Gel or burn treatments (sprays) with anesthetic


•    Colloidal Silver (for
external treatments)


•    Anti-fungal Cream


•    Anti-fungal Powder (Tinactin)


•    Fluconazole 100 or 150mg
tablets (Rx antifungal)


•    Urinary Pain Reliever
(Uristat or AZO tablets)


•    Wart Removal


•    Hemorrhoid Cream or Ointment
(Preparation H)


•    Zinc Oxide cream or ointment


•    A & D ointment


•    Vaseline


•    Muscle Rub (like Icy Hot, Blue
Emu, or Arnica salve)


•    Tens Unit or equivalent
(Muscle Stimulation pain reliever machine)


•    Oral Antibiotics (discussed


•    Radiation Pills, Thyrosafe or
equivalent, one box per person (if your area may be exposed to radiation)


•    PMS Medication, like Pamprin
(which acts as a mild diuretic also), and natural remedies


•    Caffeine Pills


•    Natural Equivalents of any
the above; see natural medicine chapters


•    Birth Control Accessories
(condoms, birth control pills, cervical caps, etc.)


•    Emergency Obstetric Kit
(comes as a pack) and Nitrazine strips (pH strips)


•    Midwifery Reference Books


•    Fetal Electronic Doppler or


•    Maxi Pads and Tampons (female
use, and tampons for nose bleeds)


•    Measuring Tapes


•    Paper, pencils, pens and
permanent markers


Dental Kit


•    Cotton Pellets and Rolls


•    Dental mirror


•    Tongue Blades


•    Toothpaste and Toothbrushes


•    Baking Soda and Peppermint


•    Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (oral
rinse to treat or prevent gum issues)


•    Syringes 12cc Curved tip


•    Dental Scraper


•    Dental Pick and Toothpicks


•    Dental Floss and Dental Wax


•    Oral Analgesics


•    Canker Sore Tx (like Orajel
or Hurricane Gel and Kank-A, and Orabase)


•    Clove Bud Oil (anesthetic for


•    Zinc Oxide (make a paste with
oil of cloves and you get temporary dental cement), or…


•    Commercial dental kits
(Den-Temp, Cavit)


•    Hank’s Solution (used to
preserve viability in knocked-out teeth)


•    Pill Cups


•    Scalpels, disposable


•    4-0 Chromic sutures


•    Needle Holder


•    Gauze 2 x 2 inches


•    Actcel Hemostatic agent
(stops dental bleeding, and dissolves naturally)


•    Extraction Equipment (several
different extractors and elevators)


•    Spoon Excavator


•    Generic or brand name


•    Gloves, Masks, and Eye


Natural Medicine: Supplies
and Equipment


•    Witch Hazel and Extract


•    Bag Balm ointment


•    Drawing Salve


•    Raw Unprocessed Honey (local
is best)


•    Cayenne Pepper Powder (see
medicinal garden chapter)


•    Aloe Vera


•    Herbal Teas, Tinctures,
Salves, and Essential Oils (see Natural Remedies)


•    Neti Pot (use only with
sterile solutions) and Diffusers


•    Medicinal Herb and Plant
seeds (in long-term storage packaging)


•    Herbal Medicine Reference


•    Gardening Reference Books


•    Mortar and Pestle


•    Graters, Stainless Steel


•    Clear and Brown Glass Jars
with Lids


•    Glass Bottles (various sizes)
Green, Brown and Clear with Cork Tops


•    Metal Tins, ½ ounce to 4
ounce sizes


•    Sealing Wax


•    Funnels, Kitchen Mesh
Strainers and Cotton Muslin Bags


•    Clocks and Kitchen Timers


•    Kitchen Scale


•    Grain Alcohol and Vodkas (for
making tinctures), other spirits as needed


•    Copper Distiller (to distill
essential oils, etc.)


•    Cheesecloth


•    Coffee Filters


•    Tea Ball Infuser


•    Coconut, Olive, Neem, Sesame,
Shea Nut, Wheat Germ, Castor, Grapeseed, Soybean Oils


•    Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin E
Oil, Steric Acid, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Citric Acid


•    White cosmetic clay (Kaolin),
makes an excellent poultice base


•    Beeswax and pastilles, Cocoa
Butter wax and wafers, Shea Butter


•    Gelatin or Vegetable
Capsules, Capsule Making Machine


•    Teapots, Coffee Pots


•    Coal Tar Shampoo


•    Selenium Shampoo


•    Baking Soda and Corn Starch


•    Apple Cider Vinegar and White


•    Epsom Salts


•    Sugar, Salt, and Salt
Substitutes (part of rehydration formula)


•    Cayenne Pepper Powder (for
sore throat gargle and to help stop mild-mod bleeding)


•    Saline Nasal Spray (or
sterile homemade solution)


The Armageddon Field Trauma


•    Extensive medical library


•    Pandemic Protective Gear:
Face Shields, Tyvek Coveralls, Hoodies, Aprons, Boots, Gloves


•    Goggles, indirect vented


•    Treatment Table and Stretches


•    Cots or Beds and Chairs


•    Bedside Table and Mayo Stands


•    Portable Lights and Stands


•    Lanterns, Candlesticks and


•    Waste Bins and Biohazard
bags, trash bags


•    Foldable Stretchers


•    Heavy Plastic Sheeting, Large


•    Duct Tape, Large Rolls


•    Mosquito Netting


•    Portable Large Capacity Tent
or Shelter


•    White 100% Cotton Sheets and
Pillow Cases


•    Pillows, with waterproof


•    Blankets, Towels, Patient


•    Basins, Bowls and Washcloths


•    Portable Shower or Curtain
for privacy and Portable Sinks


•    Shampoo and Conditioner


•    Hair Clips and Rubber Bands


•    Nail Brushes, Emory Boards
and Nail Clippers


•    Large Capacity Water
Filtration Systems


•    Water Pitcher and Cups


•    Lemon Glycerin Swabs or


•    Disposable Razors


•    Waterproof Pads


•    Bedpans and Portable Male


•    Laundry Soap, Bleach,
buckets, mop handle, dedicated laundry scrub brushes


•    Clothesline


•    Scrub Suits


•    Fire Extinguishers


•    Extra Reading Glasses in
various strengths


•    Charting Materials and Forms


•    Clip Boards, Pencils and Pens
(don’t forget the sharpeners)


•    Watch with a Second Hand and


•    Scales, newborn and adult


•    Resuscitation Facemask with
one-way valve


•    Resuscitation Bag (Ambu-bag)


•    Endotracheal Tube/
Laryngoscope (allows you to breathe for patient)


•    Portable Defibrillator/ AED


•    Pulse Oximeter


•    O2 Concentrator, tubing, and face
mask or nasal cannulas, with portable power source


•    Portable EKG monitor (battery
operated is preferred)


•    Blood Pressure monitors
(battery operated, wrist sizes are handy)


•    Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope –
(instruments to look into ears and eyes)


•    Microscope


•    Glucose Monitor


•    Urine test strips and
Hemacult Test Strips


•    Pregnancy test kits


•    Sterile Drapes (lots)


•    Portable Refrigerator A/C and
D/C capacity


•    Air Splints


•    Plaster of Paris Cast Kits
(to make casts for fractures) Adult and Pediatric


•    Cast Removal Tools


•    Crutches, Walking Canes,


•    Drain and IV Sponges
(dressings with a slit cutout) and Tegaderm film dressing


•    IV Equipment, such as:


•    Normal Saline (longest shelf
life), Ringer’s Lactate IV solutions


•    IV Tubing sets – maxi-sets +
standard sets


•    Blood collection bags +
filter transfusion sets


•    Syringes 2/5/10/20 mL


•    Needles 20/22/24 gauge


•    IV Start Kits with Tegraderm


•    Angiocath IV Needles:
16/18/20/24 gauge


•    Paper Tape (1/2 or 1 inch)
for IV lines


•    IV Stands (to hang fluid


•    Paracord (various uses)


•    Assorted Clamps (curved and
straight, small and large)


•    Scalpel Handle with Blades
(sizes 10, 11, 15) and/or disposable scalpels


•    Triage tags (for mass
casualty incidents)


•    Saline Solution for
irrigation (can be made at home as well)


•    Foley Catheters, Sterile
Lubricant, Foley Insertion Trays and Urine Bags


•    Nasogastric Tubes (to pump a


•    Autoclave or Pressure Cooker
(to sterilize instruments, etc.)


•    Stainless Steel Tongs (to
place inside sterilizer and use to pick out sterilized instruments)


•    Self Sealing Sterilization
Pouches with indicator strips


•    Ultraviolet Sterilization
Wand or Unit


•    Vacuum Bags and Food Saver


•    Cidex Solution or equivalent
(for cleaning instruments)


•    Dedicated Scrub Brushes for
Cleaning Instruments only


•    Surgical Trays and Bowls,
stainless steel only


•    Heavy Trash Bags and
Biohazard Bags, various sizes


•    Human Remains Pouch (HRP)
with ID cards or tags


•    Shovels and Hatchets


•    Bucket, Scrub Brushes and Mop
(to clean hospital surfaces and floors)


•    Bleach and/or Pool Shock (to
DIY bleach)


•    Quick Lime Powder (sanitation
of human waste)


•    Toilet Paper, Tissues and
Paper Towels


•    Pill Bottles and Labels


•    Books, Deck of Cards, Games,
Music, Paper, pens, colored pencils/crayons and Activity books


•    Poster Board, Permanent
Markers and Red Duct Tape, for signage outside the Hospital




•    Sterile Towels and Sterile


•    Scrub Brushes in sterile
single packages


•    Hibiclens Antiseptic Surgical
Scrub (to clean skin before invasive procedures)


•    Mayo Scissors and Metzenbaum


•    Needle Holders, Sterile in
various sizes


•    Surgical Marking Pens


•    Suction Pump with Internal
12V Rechargeable Battery


•    Bulb and Large Syringes,
Sterile (for irrigating wounds during procedures)


•    Lap Sponges and large
quantity of dressings and gauze


•    Obstetric forceps (for
difficult deliveries)


•    Speculums, small to ex-large


•    Uterine Curettes (for
miscarriages, various sizes)


•    Uterine “Sound” (checks depth
of uterine canal)


•    Uterine Dilators (to open
cervix; allows removal of dead tissue)


•    Bone Saw Kit (for


•    1% or 2% Lidocaine (local
anesthetic in injectable form-prescription medication)


•    Chest Tube Set-up (connected
to bedside suction)


•    Penrose and Jackson Pratt
Drains (to allow blood and pus to drain from wounds)


Prescription Medications to


•    Medrol Dose packs, oral


•    Epi Pens and Inhalers


•    Metformin 500mg, 1000mg or
750mg ER tablets


•    Salbutamol Inhalers (for
asthma/severe allergic reactions)


•    Antibiotic and Anesthetic,
Eye ointment/drops and Ear drops


•    Oral Contraceptive Pills


•    Metronidazole, oral
antibiotic and anti-protozoal


•    Amoxicillin, oral antibiotic


•    Cephalexin, oral antibiotic


•    Ciprofloxacin, oral


•    Doxycycline, oral antibiotic


•    Clindamycin, oral antibiotic


•    Trimethoprin/Sulfamethoxazole,
oral antibiotic


•    Ceftriaxone, IV antibiotic


•    Diazepam IV sedative to treat


•    Diazepam in oral form, sedative


•    Alprazolam, oral anti-anxiety


•    Tramadol (pain medicine which
is also available from a veterinarian)


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