As Seen on PopSugar

As Seen on PopSugar


If you were to blend The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy, you would have Bobby Akart’s book, Pandemic: Beginnings. When an ancient, deadly disease begins to spread across the world, it is up to one small team to keep worldwide panic at bay and fight off the threat of a global pandemic. This thriller’s twists and turns will remind you of the weekly emotional rollercoaster of our favorite doctor drama.”  – PopSugar, 7 Captivating Books for Fans of Grey’s Anatomy


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  1. Leslie Van Dover
    March 11, 2018 / 12:29 am

    Bobby, I’m a big fan and love the adventures you take us on! However, in “Axis of Evil” you have included some material that ruins the “ suspension of disbelief “ that’s essential to the readers’ enjoyment of your stories. I am a dual Canadian/American citizen who lives in California, and I have to tell you the Calgary Stampede is always held in July, not November! In fact, the rodeo season in Alberta runs from April to August. By November, the snow is flying.
    Looking forward to many more great reads in the future! Blessings,

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