Introduction to Geostorm

Introduction to Geostorm


Earth is alive.

Deep beneath her skin is our planet’s lifeblood, rivers of molten iron pulsing around a core—her beating heart. This moving, fluid iron generates the magnetic field maintaining the delicate balance of life on Earth.
Until she has a change of heart.

Are we on the verge of a natural disaster brought about by the Earth itself?


I’m excited to introduce you to our latest survival thriller, The GEOSTORM series, a story of a planet-changing phenomenon which may be unfolding before our eyes.


The Shift

The globe has experienced several hundred reversals where north and south poles shift and swap places.

Reversals can also be temporary and incomplete, known as events andexcursions, in which the magnetic poles move away from the geographic poles—perhaps even crossing the equator—before returning to their original locations.

The Magnetic Field

Earth’s magnetic field surrounds our planet like an invisible force field—protecting life from harmful solar radiation. This field is continuously changing, as evidenced by our planet’s history.

During a reversal, the Earth’s magnetic field will assume a weaker and more complex form. It may fall to ten percent of the present-day strength and have magnetic poles at the equator or even the simultaneous existence of multiple “north” and “south” magnetic poles.

The Weather

These magnetic pole shifts also affect our planet’s weather patterns. NASA has discovered a weakening in the Earth’s magnetic field that seems to be altering both wind and atmospheric pressure norms. One study claims the reversal has given rise to the recent superstorms around the world and the disastrous floods in Australia, Pakistan and the Philippines. NOAA records also indicate wide temperature extremesare the most pronounced in hundreds of years.

The Impact

In terms of the direct impact a pole shift will have on living species, scientists cannot definitively predict what will happen, as modern humans did not exist at the time of the last full reversal. Several studies, including one by Harvard scientists published in Naturemagazine, have linked past reversals with mass extinctions—suggesting some reversals and episodes of extended volcanism could be driven by these sudden pole shifts.

In addition, a study published in Current Biologymagazine confirmed that many animal species have some form of magnetoreception, enabling them to sense the Earth’s magnetic field. They use this to assist in long-distance navigation during migration. The study also showed that the weakening of the magnetic field, or shifts in the poles, also impacted animal and human brain waves.

Based upon the research, the most likely harm to humans when the poles reverse again would be the ways in which a geostorm impacts the Earth’s electromagnetic field. An ordinary, relatively benign solar event could cause exponential damage because of the weakened magnetic field.

The alteration in the magnetic field during a reversal will weaken its shielding effect, allowing heightened levels of radiation on and above the Earth’s surface. Were this to happen today, the increase in charged particles reaching the Earth would result in increased risks for satellites, aviation, and ground-based electrical infrastructure.

Aviation would need to be altered or halted in order to take into account the pole shift, our satellites would need to be redesigned and repositioned, and the planet’s power grids could collapse under the weight of the solar particles that are ordinarily deflected, but allowed to pass through the weakened magnetic field.

That being said, while scientists are unwilling to predict exactly when the next full reversal will occur, most don’t think it could lead to a mass extinction event unless humans have evolved to the point where they literally can’t live without their electronic devices.

And we’re not there yet … right?


When is the next reversal going to take place? There’s evidence that a pole shift is underway now. The simple fact that we are overdue for a full reversal and the fact that the Earth’s magnetic field is currently decreasing has led to suggestions that the field may be in the early stages of flipping.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the Geostorm series, beginning with Book One, THE SHIFT, available on Amazon and Audible later this month.




  1. Terri Matousek
    October 3, 2019 / 5:32 pm

    When will next Geostorm book be available. Love this

    • October 22, 2019 / 7:24 pm

      I love that you love it, Terri! Book Two, GEOSTORM: THE PULSE is currently available to pre-order on Amazon and will be delivered to Kindles Worldwide on Tuesday, October 29th.

  2. Debra Davis
    October 4, 2019 / 12:02 am

    When can I kindle geostorm the pulse?

    An avid reader and fan

    • October 22, 2019 / 7:23 pm

      Thanks for reading, Debra! GEOSTORM: THE PULSE is available to pre-order for Worldwide delivery on October 29, 2019.

  3. Joe Lowery
    October 26, 2019 / 11:51 pm

    Just finished the shift. Come on 29 Oct

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