What readers of Asteroid Discovery are saying about my newest thriller novel.

“This Summer’s Thriller!”

“Best novel yet!”

“Can I just say Gunner Fox is one badass hero.”

“To say that this novel is a thriller is an understatement.”

“Impossible to put down”

“When I saw the title I thought I wouldn’t be interested in this story. Was I ever wrong.”

“Charge your Kindle first”

“Bobby Akart keeps you engaged from start to finish and as is typical, you just can’t wait for the next book!!!”

“Fast paced, great characters, a can’t put down read!”

“This is a thrill ride!”

“… the action doesn’t stop…”

“Putting it down is hard.”

“I promise you…you have not heard/read about an asteroid as told by Bobby Akart.”

“…loved the main character of Gunner Fox …”

“an intense, adrenalin filled, emotional thriller …”

“Bobby Akart has given us another intense, thought provoking read…”

“Gunner Fox is an exciting new character …”

“I had my doubts about a ‘space book’ but you’ve knocked it out of the park!”

Asteroid Discovery: On Amazon      Asteroid Diversion: On Amazon     Asteroid Destruction: On Amazon

Asteroid Discovery is Book One in a Gunner Fox Trilogy and the #1 Best Selling Action and Adventure book on Amazon, July 2019.



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