Operation Gratitude

Every year, Dani and I select a charity to support through donations and fundraisers. We are proud to announce we have selected Operation Gratitude as our 2019 charity.

Operation Gratitude is a grassroots movement founded in the living room of Carolyn Blashek in 2003 to let our troops know there are people back home that care. The program has now sent over 2 million care packages, each assembled by volunteers, to our Military and First Responders.

We have several fundraisers planned throughout the year to benefit Operation Gratitude that will include the auction of unique items and events, letter writing, and wish list purchases.

For our first quarter fundraiser, we’re asking all of my readers to write a letter to a deployed troop, veteran, new recruit or a first responder. For every person that sends us a letter between January 15 – April 15, 2019, Dani and I will donate $1 to Operation Gratitude to help fill the boxes they send with necessities.

A greeting card.
A post card.
A drawing by the kids or grandkids.
Or a letter.

A few words and a stamp.

That’s all you need.

If you appreciate your freedoms and the security of knowing you can sleep at night because someone has your back, please take just a few minutes to let them know they’re appreciated.

Details, including the letter writing guidelines and requirements from Operation Gratitude, are below.

Thank you for helping say thank you, and we care, to our Military and our First Responders. 

-Bobby and Dani


Choose one of the following to write a letter to.
1. Deployed Troop
Currently overseas in harm’s way

2. Veteran
Served our country in the past

3. New Recruit
Just completed Boot Camp and has sworn to serve for the next 4 or more years.

4. First Responder
A member of law enforcement, a firefighter or paramedic.

  • Do not include a date or year on the letter (it can take a few months for packages/letters to arrive)
  • Use a generic salutation, such as “Dear Hero” or “Dear Brave One”
  • Express your thanks for their selfless service
  • Avoid politics completly and excessive religion
  • Include your mailing address or email address on the letter (You may receive a response, but it’s not guaranteed)

Can’t find the words? Draw or paint a picture instead. If you include a drawing or painting from a child, please include their name and age on the drawing. (Please no glitter or confetti)


  • Write on the back of the envelope if the letter is for a Troop, Veteran, Recruit or First Responder (letters will be bundled and sent to Operation Gratitude for each category)
  • For every person that sends a letter between January 15 and April 15th, 2019, we will donate $1 to Operation Gratitude

Mail your letter to:

Bobby Akart | OG
PO Box 470591
Celebration, FL 34747



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