Join me on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

It will be my pleasure to join media icon George Noory on Coast to Coast AM this evening at 10 pm PT / 1 am ET.

I look forward to discussing my two new releases in the Prepping for Tomorrow series with George. The United States faces many threats for which we should all be prepared. CYBER WARFARE, my #1 bestseller in eight Amazon categories, analyzes the use of cyber attacks to destroy our critical infrastructure. EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse, also a #1 bestseller, addresses the impact a nuclear delivered EMP bomb will have on our nation’s power grid.

Most importantly, we will discuss what you can do to prepare for both eventualities. Phone lines will be open. I look forward to taking your questions and sharing my knowledge of prepping with you.

For C2C listeners, I have both eBook versions specially priced at $2.99. Visit the following links to pick up your copy:

EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse


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Here is a summary of the show, from the Coast to Coast AM website:

“Author Bobby Akart will discuss the many reasons why he believes the nation is on the brink of collapse including EMP attack and cyber warfare. He’ll address his choice to relocate to a rural environment, and the steps all of us can take to prepare for the worst.”


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