Geostorm: The Pulse, Book Two in the Geostorm Series

#1 Best Seller Hard Science Fiction | #1 Best Seller Action and Adventure

Autographed editions available in paperback and jacketed hardcover.

Signed by Bobby Akart on the front cover; personalized on the inside.

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As the poles shift, the planet’s magnetic field weakens,
stripping away our protection from the Sun’s power.
That which gives us life, can take it away as well.

“With his 40th novel, Bobby Akart turns the world upside down again!”

International bestselling author Bobby Akart delivers pulse-pounding thrills in The Geostorm Series, the story of a planet-changing phenomenon, a natural disaster brought about by the Earth itself.

The Geostorm series comes out of the gate at full pace and action to let the reader know that this book will be filled with things that you can’t unsee and leave you with that “look over your shoulder” feeling.

For eons, since the formation of our planet, Earth’s magnetic poles have reversed. Powered by the machinations of her spinning iron core, coupled with the hot liquid that has churned around it since the planet’s infancy, this geologic wonder has been occurring without much fanfare, until now.

A geomagnetic apocalypse is descending upon humanity. It’s a catastrophic event caused by the Earth’s magnetic field growing restless. And now, the changes are accelerating at an astonishing rate.

What happens when the magnetic field grows weaker? There will be deadly consequences for all of humanity. The change in the world’s climate and the geological impact could alter the face of the planet as we know it. And the Sun, our beloved star that gives us life, can also wreak havoc, ending life on Earth as we know it.

“Polar shifts, GPS navigation issues, strange animal behaviors and even stranger weather, and scientists unwilling to move off the popular narrative all combined and masterfully crafted in Mr. Akart’s engaging storytelling style.”

The European continent has been besieged by a geomagnetic storm, one that ordinarily would cause minor disruptions in communications and GPS devices, but because of the weakened magnetic field, has destroyed power grids.

The world is playing a deadly game of Russian roulette with the Sun as the magnetic field weakens. Which part of our planet will be hit next? Follow the story of the Squire and Sarah Boone family, Indiana farmers and their children who battle Mother Nature, her animals, and their fellow man, in The Pulse.

“Wow, I didn’t see this coming! The type of book an adrenaline junkie loves!”