Introduction to ASTEROID, a Gunner Fox Trilogy

ASTEROID, a Gunner Fox Trilogy, is my newest thriller that focuses on the threats our planet faces from a collision with a near-Earth object (NEO). 

There are an estimated five-hundred-million asteroids considered to be near-Earth, twenty-thousand of those are potentially hazardous asteroids. That’s a lot of traffic in our neighborhood. 

While NASA and other space agencies around the globe do an admirable job of identifying and tracking these NEOs, the fact of the matter is they’ve only identified ninety percent of the threats. That leaves a one-in-ten-chance that an object remains undiscovered.

NEO impact events have played a significant role in the evolution of our solar system while major impact events have significantly shaped Earth’s history. They’ve been implicated in the formation of the Earth–Moon, the evolutionary history of life, the origin of water on Earth and of course, several mass extinctions. Have you seen any dinosaurs lately?

Could it happen again? Absolutely. When? Nobody knows. At present, there are only a few potentially close-shaves in our future, at least, that we know of. It’s the NEOs that haven’t been discovered that keep astrophysicists and amateur astronomers up at night, watching the skies. And it’s what inspired me to tell this story.

In ASTEROID: DISCOVERY you’ll also be meeting a new cast of characters. Gunner Fox is a United States Air Force Major, Test Pilot and Earth Scientist living on Dog Island, Florida with his Basset Hound, Howard. Gunner finds himself going through the motions of life, emotionless, since suffering a devastating loss. He’s often joined on the island by Cam, his best friend since childhood and Bear, his best friend since they went through special operations training together. Then there is Pop. A former Air Force master sergeant that pursued his love of flying after retirement. He spends his days flying tourists around the Florida Gulf Coast and provides transportation for residents and visitors to Dog Island. He also likes to bake – in Gunner’s kitchen.

I hope you’ll enjoy the story, along with the new characters. If you do, I have plans for you to see them in future stories.