Wednesday, September 7, 2016

CHOOSE FREEDOM! The Final Installment in The Boston Brahmin series

CHOOSE FREEDOM, the sixth and final installment in the critically acclaimed, bestselling Boston Brahmin series, is now scheduled for release on Friday, September 16, 2016. I'm proud to say it's ahead of schedule and under budget!
Choose Freedom!
With those words, nine patriotic Americans pledged to protect the freedoms and liberties achieved by The Founding Fathers from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Through the first five installments, we've observed a nation in decline socially, and economically. A catastrophic cyber attack has brought America to its knees, which has opened the door for a tyrannical President to achieve a coveted third term through the implementation of martial law.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Author Bobby Akart interviewed by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM

Following the successful releases of CYBER WARFARE which achieved #1 Best Seller status in eight genres and EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse, a #1 Best Seller in seven genres, I was contacted by producers of the number one late night radio broadcast in America - Coast to Coast AM.

Hosted by media icon, George Noory, Coast to Coast AM is broadcast to over ten million listeners via 600+ radio stations, as well as worldwide via Sirius/XM satellite radio. For two hours, George and I discussed a variety of topics related to Cyber Warfare, EMPs, and other threats our nation faces. We took live calls and I answered questions about prepping.

Five minutes after the end of the interview, I received a phone call from the evening's producer. He said this, "George told me to call

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Prepper Checklist

Preppers who are not adequately prepared place added risks on the people who rely upon them. A well-organized Prepper Checklist with assigned responsibilities will maximize your odds of survival. Your Prepper Checklist is a list of functions, or capabilities that you need to provide for in each of the survival categories. A comprehensive prepper checklist acts as both a shopping list of items that you need to get or put into a kit and a to-do list. This Prepper Checklist accomplishes both.
A Preppers Checklist is always evolving. Your Preparedness Plan will change as your knowledge and skills advance. This Preppers Checklist allows for the individual needs of each Prepper while still accomplishing common goals.
The list is broken up into general categories to help keep things organized. You can learn more on
Prepper Basics are the minimum requirements of preparedness that you should strive to accomplish as fast as possible. They are the basic levels of preparedness that a new prepper starting out should achieve as soon as possible. Advanced Preppers levels allow for surviving longer durations and/or increases the capacity of your prepper group.
Remember the Prepper Rule of Threes and buy backups to everything!
Three is two, two is one, one is none.


Space Weather: A Primer

Best-Selling Author Bobby Akart

Because you never know when the day before —

is the day before.

Prepare for tomorrow! 

Author Bobby Akart, the founder of Freedom Preppers, has been a tireless proponent of adopting a preparedness lifestyle. As he learned prepping tips and techniques, he shared them with others via his writing on the American Preppers Network website, and in his bestselling book series—The Boston Brahmin and Prepping for Tomorrow.

In The Boston Brahmin series, political suspense collides with post-apocalyptic thriller fiction. Bobby’s attention to detail and real-world scenarios immerses the reader in a world of geopolitical machinations and post-apocalyptic drama. Preparedness skills and techniques are interwoven in the plot in way that the reader can be given a real-world scenario to envision.

The Prepping for Tomorrow series is the culmination of Bobby’s research and real-world experiences provided in a concise guide for new and experienced preppers alike.

The Blackout Series is intended to provide the reader a glimpse into the lives of ordinary Americans as they face a catastrophic collapse event in the form of a massive coronal mass ejection.

What is Space Weather?

The U.S. National Space Weather Strategy

To understand the magnitude of the threat our nation faces from all forms of space weather, and how to prepare for these eventualities, it is helpful to understand our government’s approach toward monitoring, protection, response, and recovery from Space Weather. As you read our government’s approach toward Space Weather, ask yourself whether this strategy adequately addresses the likely economic and societal collapse associated with a catastrophic collapse event of this magnitude.

The following has been reprinted with permission. It is the full text of the National Space Weather Strategy adopted in October 2015.