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“Easily comparable to Crichton, Cook, and Preston as one of my top bio-thriller books I've ever read.” – Reader Review

Dr. Mackenzie Hagan is a well-respected epidemiologist at the CDC-Atlanta and the daughter of a retired Commanding General at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Mac often says infectious disease is in her blood. She has arrived in the jungles of Guatemala to investigate an outbreak. While no infectious disease outbreak is routine, this particular hot zone in Guatemala has its own set of complications. 


Nathan Hunter is a covert operative within an off-the-books project for the Department of Defense. He tracks down terrorists before they strike. While tracking the activities of a jihadist cell, Hunter unravels a villainous plot with tentacles spanning the globe. His investigative path crosses with Mac's and the two become a team to fight the silent enemies deployed by the terrorists. They soon learn that the biggest challenge they'll face is right at home - a government bureaucracy unwilling to sound the alarm to protect the nation.


The events depicted in the Pandemic series are fictional. They are, however, based upon historical fact.

The international bestselling medical thriller series from author Bobby Akart formed the basis for an entire semester's course study at Midwestern University. 


When suggesting the Pandemic series to readers and fans of Grey’s Anatomy, renowned Hollywood entertainment website, PopSugar, wrote:

"This thriller's twists and turns will remind you of the weekly emotional rollercoaster of our favorite doctor drama."


Pandemic Book 4


There is no such thing as an ending, just a new beginning.

Throughout the millennia, extinction has been the norm and survival, the exception.

When faced with the hour of departure, will mankind fight to survive?


Not only was there a patient zero, there was also a last patient.


“This book was phenomenal.”


Pandemic Book 3


Deadly outbreaks of diseases make headlines, but not at the start.

Every pandemic begins small, subtle, and in faraway places.

When it arrives, it spreads across oceans and continents, like the sweep of nightfall, killing millions, or even billions.


“Level 6 will keep you turning the pages at a furious pace.”


Pandemic Book 2


And so it begins, the virus enters on the quiet feet of The Innocents.

It invades each and every one of us.

But, they say, plagues are like fires.

At some point, they burn themselves out. Or not.


“I just can’t put these books down.”


Pandemic Book 1


They attack with impunity, and without prejudice.

Their goal – to destroy you, from within.

A merciless enemy, just one-billionth our size.


“This is one of the most chilling, gripping, and riveting book series I have ever read.” 

Author Bobby Akart has surpassed authors of medical thrillers like Robin Cook, Patricia Cornwell, Tess Gerritsen with his series, Pandemic."
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