“I was social distancing before it was cool.” – Dr. Harper Randolph

Harper Randolph, Doctor of Medicine and Epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, was first introduced in the fact-based medical thriller, VIRUS HUNTERS. 


The Virus Hunters team came together in the trilogy that was published in May of 2020, coincidently during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. The team travels the globe as disease detectives, chasing deadly acts against humanity committed by microbes one-billionth the size of their victims. 


When Harper isn’t chasing silent killers, she’s the wife of Congressman Joe Mills, a rising star in Washington politics, and shares their Atlanta home with her disease sniffing beagle, Doctor Dog. Harper often visits her grandmother, Ma, and great-grandmother, Mimi, in the historic antebellum home where she grew up.


A trilogy introduced the Virus Hunters team, but future thrillers will be standalone novels.


Harper Randolph has dedicated her career to protecting humanity from the silent killers. 

She’s always known the risk she faces from a deadly enemy that’s one-billionth her size. 

She just never knew her risk may come from the actual chase.  

“Absolutely unable to put this one down.”


Race, gender, age.  

It doesn’t matter. Everyone may be a victim. 

Not even a doctor’s white coat is protection from these silent and deadly killers.

“Virus Hunters 2 is a first class medical thriller.”


Dr. Harper Randolph listens to dead men tell their tales.


When visitors to Las Vegas begin dying from an unknown virus, Harper Randolph, Doctor of Medicine and Epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is asked to lead the investigation to track down patient zero while keeping what’s happening in Vegas, in Vegas.

“… a page turning, night owl burning thriller.”


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Many of the names selected for the characters in Virus Hunters have significant meaning to Bobby Akart and his wife.  


Dr. Harper Randolph:

  • Harper is named after the mill on Tom Sawyer’s Island in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. 

  • Randolph is the name of their circa 1795 historic home.


Congressman Joe Mills:

  • Joe Harper is Tom Sawyer’s best friend.


Wolfgang Boychuck (nickname Woolie):

  • Wolfgang “Woolie” Reitherman was one of the Disney Studio’s Nine Old Men. 

  • Woolie is also the name of their beloved bulldog.

  • Boychuck is the last name of their friend Michael who lives in Las Vegas. 

  • The Soho Loft residence of Dr. Boychuck, is where Bobby Akart lived while residing in Las Vegas.

  • “The cavalry is coming” text message Harper receives is from a Las Vegas phone number that spells out S-Q-U-I-S-H-Y. 


Elizabeth Becker:

  • The characteristics of Elizabeth Becker are inspired by close friend, Kathie Becker. Often times the banter shared between Harper and Becker are part of conversations that have been had with Kathie Becker.

  • Elizabeth is named after Kathie’s 2 year old niece whom they refer to as Lizzie.

  • Kathie Becker doesn’t eat pickles either - she gives them to Dani. 

  • Aunt Ouiser is a nod to the character played by Shirley McClaine in Steel Magnolias, one of “Harper and Becker’s” favorite movies. 


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