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“Gunner Fox is one badass hero.” – Reader Review

Gunner Fox returns August 27.


Gunner Fox, United States Air Force Major, Test Pilot and Earth Scientist living on Dog Island, Florida with his Basset Hound, Howard, was first introduced in the fact-based survival thriller, ASTEROID. 


He’s often joined on the island by Cam, his best friend since childhood, and Bear, his best friend since they went through special operations training together. Then there is Pop. A former Air Force master sergeant that pursued his love of flying after retirement. He spends his days flying tourists around the Florida Gulf Coast and provides transportation for residents and visitors to Dog Island. He also likes to bake—in Gunner’s kitchen.

Gunner Fox Book 6


Odessa is real and more deadly than ever.


A bioterror threat instills terror in the Western world.

Can the Nazis, resurrected from the dead, fight one more battle?

The clock is ticking and the world waits to see where Odessa Strikes!


Coming December 2020.

Gunner Fox Book 5


Around the globe, old horrors are reborn.


Intelligence agencies are bombarded with terrorist chatter.

What is real and what is a diversion?


Coming October 2020.

Gunner Fox Book 4


Not all things lost in the Bermuda Triangle are lost forever.


A mysterious science expedition sends out a frantic distress call. It suddenly ends with a chilling apology. What have we done?


Gunner Fox Book 3


Heaven and Earth collide in DESTRUCTION, the thrilling conclusion to the Asteroid trilogy.


“Just like books one and two, this is a heart-beating thriller I could not put aside.”

Gunner Fox Book 2


The fate of the planet rests in his hands while the weight of the world rests on his shoulders. 

But Gunner Fox will move heaven to save earth. 

Or die trying. 


“Your emotions are on a roller coaster, and it’s a ride that will leave you breathless.”

Gunner Fox Book 1


An asteroid is on a collision course with the planet. 

A US Air Force Test Pilot is on a collision course with death. 

How will they collide?


DISCOVERY introduces Gunner Fox, a United States Air Force Test Pilot and Earth Scientist tasked with saving the planet from an asteroid hurtling toward earth.


“… hold on to your seat …"

Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt series used to be my favorite books but Dirk Pitt just took a back seat to Gunner Fox!  


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