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“There is no other author who can write a novel and/or a blueprint for where our country may be ungracefully heading.” – Reader Review

The term doomsday evokes images of the end of times, the day the world ends, or a time when something terrible or dangerous will happen. Sounds dramatic, but everything is relative.


I’ve repeated this often, and I will again for those who haven’t heard it. All empires collapse eventually. Their reign ends when they are either defeated by a larger and more powerful enemy, or when their financing runs out. America will be no exception.


Now, couple this theory with the words often attributed to President Abraham Lincoln in an 1838 speech interpreted as follows: America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

The Doomsday series depicts an America hell-bent upon destroying itself. It is a dystopian look at what will happen if we don’t find a way to deescalate the attacks upon one another. Both sides will shoulder the blame for what will happen when the war of words becomes increasingly more violent to the point where one side brings out the big guns. That’s when an ideological battle will result in bloodshed of innocent Americans caught in the crossfire. Truly, for the future of our nation, doomsday would be upon us.


Thank you for reading with an open mind and not through the lens of political glasses. I hope we can come together for the sake of our families and our nation. God bless America. – Bobby Akart


Doomsday Book 5


A nation cannot be civil without civility.

To some, civility cannot be restored until power is regained.

A Civil War was a necessary evil, but make no mistake, it was evil.


“A well crafted ending to a suspense filled ride through the apocalypse."


Doomsday Book 4


America faces a battle upon which the blood of tyrants and patriots will be shed. 

Doomsday had swept the country.


“The last few pages will astound you …” 


Doomsday Book 3


America was on the brink of a second Civil War.

Divisions were deep and fundamental.

The heated rhetoric was abandoned in favor of weapons.

The powder keg had erupted and nobody would be spared from the carnage.


“The suspense is getting higher & higher. The characters are getting more complicated & interesting.”


Doomsday Book 2


A targeted mid-Atlantic EMP attack.

A cyber attack on transportation.

Drone delivered dirty bombs in New York City.
Atlanta concert chaos and an Alabama plane crash.

Doomsday has begun.


“It reads as if you were there experiencing it first hand.”


Doomsday Book 1


A war was brewing within our borders.

Not a war with weapons, but one with words.

Until now. 


"It's an addictive series that makes you want to figure out where the plot is going as everyone is vying for survival."


The last name Smarts was chosen because auto-correct frequently changes Akart to Smart.


Bobby Akart’s fictional storylines often become headlines, leading readers to ask him for lottery numbers. He supplied lottery numbers in Doomsday Haven for those readers.


The Smart’s English bulldogs, Roo and Chubby, are the nicknames for Bobby Akart’s English bulldogs.


The characters Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and J.C. were inspired by the final four Big Brother houseguests of the same name. 


Doomsday Haven was based upon a prepper community Bobby Akart conceptualized in 2016.


The scenes for Doomsday Haven were inspired by the Henry River Mill Village in HIldebran, NC, location of The Hunger Games filming.

It will definitely have you on the edge of your seat the whole time, and keeps your mind guessing every step of the way. 
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