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“A political masterpiece.” – Reader Review

 The Boston Brahmin was Bobby Akart’s first series written in 2015. Drawing upon his love of country and history, he created the characters as direct descendants of the Founding Fathers. The Boston Brahmin story, one rich in history, modern politics, and timeless love of country, features characters with the intestinal fortitude to protect America no matter the cost.


The country suffers an economic crisis from a cyber attack, leading to the collapse of society. The Loyal Nine not only need to save themselves, but learn they need to save America, her freedom and foundation too.


Political suspense collides with post-apocalyptic fiction in The Boston Brahmin series.


A Boston Brahmin Novel


America's worst nightmare has become a reality. An unknown terrorist threat lurks in the shadows and holds a knife against a nation's throat on the busiest retail shopping day of the year. As Americans embark on holiday travels and time with family, multiple targets are identified and terrorist assets are in place to strike.


The Boston Brahmin return in this standalone thriller, BLACK FRIDAY. 

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A Boston Brahmin Novel


The Boston Brahmin, a shadowy group of wealthy and politically connected financiers whose roots date back to the Sons of Liberty, look to Sarge as their leader, but storm clouds are brewing and Sarge will find himself in the crosshairs of a power struggle.


"Sarge at his best."

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The Boston Brahmin Book 6


When faced with the tough choices necessary to preserve our nation’s ideals, I say we Choose Freedom!


"Great end to the most thought provoking series I've ever read."

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The Boston Brahmin Book 5


A President, desperate to hold onto power, works in conjunction with the United Nations and uses the collapse event as a way to abolish the constitutional rights of Americans.


"Plenty of plot twists and a story that I didn't want to end."

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The Boston Brahmin Book 4


What if the lie your government told was so big, it just had to be true?


If tyranny and oppression come to the land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.


"I like that this is unfolding with a conspiracy in a conspiracy."

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The Boston Brahmin Book 3


America is thrust into bedlam and upheaval following a vicious cyber attack on the country's critical infrastructure.

The end begins tomorrow.


"Interweaving complex themes of loyalty and betrayal, duplicity and complicity, Martial Law moves both plot and narrative along at a frenetic pace and leaves the reader desperate for the next installment in this compelling saga."

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The Boston Brahmin Book 2


As one cyber attack after another disrupts everyday life, powerful political forces and wealthy oligarchs plot the demise of the United States. 

America is one bad news story away from societal and economic collapse.


"The way that he weaves fiction and non-fiction makes Cyber Attack a terrifying thriller."

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The Boston Brahmin Book 1


All empires collapse eventually and America is no exception.


The Loyal Nine is a gripping novel of an America teetering on the edge of economic and societal collapse.


"This is one of the best political thrillers I have read to date."

Truly inspiring and a must read for American patriots! 



Henry Sargent Winthrop IV is a professor at Harvard – John F. Kennedy School of Government. Sarge is a direct descendant of Daniel Sargent, a notable member of the Sons of Liberty and godson of John Adams Morgan. He’s the author of Choose Freedom or Capitulation: America’s Sovereignty Crisis, a New York Times Best Seller for his libertarian philosophy. 


Steven Sargent is Sarge’s younger brother, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and former platoon officer of SEAL Team 10. He currently works as a contract operative for Aegis Security under the code name Nomad.


Julia Hawthorne is the first female political editor of the Boston Herald and recipient of the National Association for Broadcasting Marconi Radio Award for her creation of an internet radio channel for the newspaper. She is a descendant of the Peabody and Hawthorne families.


Donald Quinn is the accountant and financial advisor to John Adams Morgan. He and his wife, Susan coordinate all preparedness activities of The Loyal Nine. They have two daughters, Rebecca (age 7) and Penny (age 11).


John Joseph Warren “JJ” is a former Army Battalion Surgeon and doctor at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Jamaica Plain. He is a direct descendant of Dr. Joseph Warren, one of the original Sons of Liberty and family that founded Harvard Medical. 


Katie O’Shea is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and former Naval Intelligence officer. She currently works as a member of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.


Francis Crowninshild Bradlee “Brad” is the battalion commander of the 25th Marine Regiment of 1st Battalion, active member of Oathkeepers and the Three Percenters. He is a descendant of the Crowninshild family, a historic seafaring and military family dating back to the early 1600s.


Abigail Morgan “Abbie” is an independent, United States Senator from Massachusetts and running mate of the Democratic nominee for President. She is a lineal descendant of former President John Adams, Henry Sturgis Morgan, founder of J.P. Morgan, and the daughter of John Adams Morgan, head of The Boston Brahmin.  


Drew Jackson “Slash” is a former SEAL Team member who worked for private contractors, including Blackwater. He’s assigned to Senator Abigail Morgan’s security team and works with her Secret Service detail. 




John Adams Morgan is the founder of Morgan-Holmes law firm with the grandson of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and owns Morgan Global, an international banking and financial conglomerate. He is a lineal descendant of President John Adams and Henry Sturgis Morgan, founder of J.P. Morgan. John Morgan is the head of The Boston Brahmin and father of Abigail Morgan, one of the Loyal Nine.


Walter Cabot is a philanthropist and CEO of Cabot Industries. He is a direct descendant of John Cabot, shipbuilders during the time of the Revolutionary War.


Lawrence Lowell is a direct descendant of John Lowell, a federal judge in the United States Continental Congress.


Paul Winthrop is a descendant of John Winthrop, one of the leading figures in the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Winthrop family was synonymous with the state’s politics and philanthropy. 


The Winthrops and Sargents became close when Sarge’s grandfather was the Governor of Massachusetts and his lieutenant governor was R. C. Winthrop.


Arthur Peabody is a plastic surgeon. At fifty-five, he is the youngest of the Boston Brahmin. Arthur and his wife Estelle “Aunt Stella” are Julia Hawthorne’s uncle and aunt. They are direct descendants of the Hawthorne and Peabody lineage.


General Samuel Bradlee is the former General and Secretary of Defense. He is a direct descendant of Nathaniel Bradlee, one of the key participants in the Boston Tea Party. He is Brad’s uncle.


Henry Endicott is the great-grandson of former Secretary of War Willian Crowninshield Endicott. 


There is a hidden liberty tree on every cover in the Boston Brahmin six-book series.


Steven Sargent’s yacht, The Miss Behavin’, later appeared in the Lone Star series, TEXAS STRONG. It shares the same name as one of Bobby Akart’s previous boats.


Metallica’s Enter Sandman was pivotal in the Zero Day Gamers plan and is later referenced as the song a kayaker was listening to in GEOSTORM THE SHIFT.

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