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“This is the best series I have ever read.” – Reader Review

In the Geostorm series, the Boone family fights to survive the planet changing phenomenon of a rapid pole shift resulting in the reversal of Earth’s magnetic fields.


Meteorologist Chapman Boone begins to investigate the bizarre weather after he witnesses twin water spouts rip through Elliott Bay, leveling the Seattle waterfront. His investigation takes him from the state of Washington to a tragic discovery in a Greenland climate observatory.


Kristi Boone, a veterinarian at the Brookfield Zoo, is seeing erratic and unusual behavior in the animals. While attempting to save the zoo animals, she and zoologist Tommy Bannon become trapped in an escalating situation and find they are the ones that need saving. 


Levi Boone is in route to the wilderness of Canada for a hunting expedition with his friends when the electronics on the single engine plane he’s aboard begin to malfunction, leading the plane to crash.


Their parents, Squire and Sarah Boone, are home on the family’s apple farm in Indiana with no idea their world is about to be turned upside down. 

geostorm the pioneers.PNG

Geostorm Book 6

After weeks of devastating extreme weather and unimaginable loss, the country is one giant ocean, littered with pieces of land like crumbs fallen from the sky.


“I would recommend Geostorm to anyone who likes action and adventure. This series is loaded with it.” 


Geostorm The Tempest.png

Geostorm Book 5


tempest | 'tempest |

a violent windy storm.


Rain fell for months. Ice melted. Waters rose. Land masses disappeared.


“You'll be on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.” 

Geostorm The Flood HC.PNG

Geostorm Book 4


What was once frozen is now melting and the skies won’t stop raining. History shows flood waters always recede. 


What if this time, they don’t?


“Once you start reading you can’t stop.” 

Geostorm The Collapse HC.PNG

Geostorm Book 3


As the magnetic field reverses, a well-intentioned president tries to avert the worst-case scenario - The Collapse of the power grid. But does his decision create the collapse of society instead?


“The Collapse keeps you on the edge of your seat and the reading lamp burning well into the early morning hours.” 

Geostorm The Pulse HC.PNG

Geostorm Book 2


As the poles shift, the planet's magnetic field weakens, stripping away our protection from the Sun's power. That which gives us life, can take it away as well.


“Bobby Akart spins a masterful tale of action, end of the world theatre and characters that are so in-depth, you can't help but become attached.” 

Geostorm The Shift HC.PNG

Geostorm Book 1


Earth is alive. Deep beneath her skin is our planet's life blood. Rivers of molten iron, pushing around a core – her beating heart. This moving, fluid iron generates the magnetic field maintaining the delicate balance of life on earth. Until she has a change of heart.


“Geostorm will leave you breathless!” 

The brilliantly detailed characters and the all too possible disaster following a superb storyline, create a masterful vision of one family's fight for survival. 
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