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Behind the gates separating the community from the rest of greater Los Angeles, neighbors faced off against one another as resources became scarce.

Some held out hope in the government to restore order. Others banded together to prepare for the inevitable. When terror and mayhem came knocking at their doors, despair and fear cast long shadows over the once-vibrant community. Could the neighbors set aside their differences to ward off the coming storm?


Behind the Gates is the 4-book post apocalyptic series of  an economic collapse that struck the nation, bringing with it an inevitable and devastating societal collapse. 

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America was on the brink of collapse .

The fabric of society was torn apart.

The economy was in shambles.

Americans experienced death by a thousand cuts 

and it was coming soon to your neighborhood.

"Behind the Gates is a thought provoking treatise on American society."

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With the threats brought to their doorstep, the neighbors behind the gates face a dilemma. Do they try to make peace with those who've threatened their very existence or do they stand their ground and fight back in an effort to protect their property and themselves?


Old, festering animosity within the neighborhood rises to the surface as two distinct factions are in complete disagreement as to the best course of action. Will the two groups be able to put their differences aside? Or, will their division result in their once peaceful community being overrun resulting in the loss of property and lives?

"The tension is mounting in this really good series. Can’t wait for book 3."

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America’s government was on the verge of collapse and her geopolitical foes smelled blood. While the country was destroyed from within, China deals a final blow. It was time to bring the United States to its knees.


Thrust into a world without power, complete lawlessness took over. The Friday Night Club had been divided as they search for one of their own on the streets of Los Angeles. Would the search for one result in the demise of them all?

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With remarkable speed and intensity, the fabric of society had come unraveled. Neighbor fought neighbor despite the threats lurking just beyond the gates protecting their enclave. Behind the gates, a handful of vocal of residents, those running the neighborhood's homeowner's association, claimed the ultimate authority over their neighbors. The rule of law, as well as common decency, was cast aside. Tensions boiled over with devastating results.


Could the neighborhood weather the coming storm? Or, were they so blinded by internal squabbling that they ignored the signs of danger lurking beyond the gates? A difficult decision had to be made by Dean Winchester and his group. One that would change their lives forever.

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“Once again this author has crafted a believable end of days scenario with compelling characters that I can't seem to put down.” -Reader Review
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