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“Bobby Akart is a writer who is on a level of Tom Clancy.” – Reader Review

Bobby Akart is best known for his serialized fictional stories having published over forty novels in seven completed series. 


His first standalone novel, PATRIOT’S FAREWELL, brought back the beloved character of Henry Sargent Winthrop IV “Sarge” from his first series, The Boston Brahmin.


As he enters his sixth year of writing, he’ll be publishing more standalone thrillers with characters readers love, that include Gunner Fox and Henry Sargent Winthrop IV, as well as new characters you haven’t met yet.

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A Disaster Thriller


New Madrid Earthquake is based on actual events. 200 years after the historic quake sequence of 1811-12, it's reawakened.

The New Madrid fault zone, six times larger than the San Andreas in California, has generated a series of massive earthquakes thrusting the Atwood and Chandler families in a fight to survive.

Will they arrive for Christmas? Will they arrive at all? 

Prepare to be shaken.


A Boston Brahmin Political Thriller


America's worst nightmare has become a reality. An unknown terrorist threat lurks in the shadows and holds a knife against a nation's throat on the busiest retail shopping day of the year. As Americans embark on holiday travels and time with family, multiple targets are identified and terrorist assets are in place to strike.


The Boston Brahmin return in this standalone thriller, BLACK FRIDAY. 

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A Boston Brahmin Political Thriller


Filled with non-stop action and political intrigue, Bobby Akart's return to The Boston Brahmin story promises a fast-paced thrill ride which will leave you burning through the pages.


“A perfect balance of political intrigue and action that keeps you turning the pages."