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A Post-Apocalyptic Series

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The end of America came slowly.

It was death by a thousand cuts.

The collapse came in a rush. 

Survival would require a thousand stitches.

With the threats brought to their doorstep, the neighbors behind the gates face a dilemma. Do they try to make peace with those who've threatened their very existence or do they stand their ground and fight back in an effort to protect their property and themselves?


Old, festering animosity within the neighborhood rises to the surface as two distinct factions are in complete disagreement as to the best course of action. Will the two groups be able to put their differences aside? Or, will their division result in their once peaceful community being overrun resulting in the loss of property and lives?

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International best selling author, Bobby Akart is the creator of “just one more chapter” thrillers for readers in 245 countries and territories worldwide including his latest post apocalyptic series, BEHIND THE GATES, Collapse of America.

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