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Available the day after Thanksgiving


Henry Winthrop Sargent IV returns in the latest standalone novel in the Boston Brahmin series. 

Political intrigue. An unknown enemy. A threat to the heart of a nation. All on the busiest shopping day of the year - BLACK FRIDAY.

America's worst nightmare has become a reality. An unknown terrorist threat lurks in the shadows and holds a knife against a nation's throat on the busiest retail shopping day of the year. As Americans embark on holiday travels and time with family, multiple targets are identified and terrorist assets are in place to strike. 

As events unfold, President Henry Winthrop Sargent, IV and his young family find themselves in peril. Coming off an international incident which threatened to devolve into war with China, Sarge now must defend the country from terrorists whose tactics tear his heart out. A kidnapping. A bomb. A geopolitical threat. And an adversary threatens to destroy a nation barely recovering from turmoil.

Sarge's past may come back to haunt him with deadly consequences for his family. 

In Black Friday, Bobby Akart roars through this nonstop action full of political intrigue, twisted betrayals, and ultimate revenge.


Available 2/22/2022


It  was the day the sun brought darkness.


It began as a spectacle like no other. They called it the Night of the Northern Lights - a phenomenal light show generated by the power of the sun. It ended in a powerless world thrust into chaos.


This new standalone disaster thriller thrusts the most dynamic city on Earth, New York, into darkness as North America is bludgeoned by the sun's ferocity. Scientists promised beautiful aurora providing the city that never sleeps, with magnificent hues of blue and green. For three days, New Yorkers took to the streets, parks, and rooftops to enjoy the awe-inspiring spectacle.

The city was filled with excitement as the media hyped the rare event as occurring once in a hundred years. It had happened before and it was happening again.

As the power grid failed, the city of New York collapsed with remarkable speed. The thin veneer of civilization was laid bare as man fought one another for survival.

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International best selling author, Bobby Akart is the creator of “just one more chapter” thrillers for readers in 245 countries and territories worldwide including his newest standalone novel, BLACK FRIDAY.

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