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A Nuclear War Series


In the aftermath of Nuclear War, the desperate become dangerous. The docile become deadly. The moral among us become murderers.


Aftermath delves into a chilling look where the pinnacle of human innovation turns into mankind’s greatest nightmare.

The Bartlett family is the fourth generation of lobstermen living on Swan’s Island in Maine. Billy and his sons operate a lobster fishing vessel while his wife, Tammy, runs the island’s fisherman’s co-operative. Their youngest daughter, Abbie, just graduated from Boston University with a degree in marine biology. She’s preparing for her wedding to Coast Guardsman, Daniel Murphy. 

When a series of unforeseen events trigger a cascade of errors in the AI algorithms, the delicate balance between geopolitical foes is shattered. In less than an hour, nuclear warheads begin to detonate across the Northern Hemisphere from the Far East to Russia to Europe to the United States. The aftermath yields the expected result. The gates of hell have been thrust open.

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International best selling author, Bobby Akart is the creator of “just one more chapter” thrillers for readers in 245 countries and territories worldwide including his latest survival thriller series, Nuclear War: AFTERMATH.

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