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A Post-Apocalyptic Series

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The grid had collapsed.

But was it temporary, like before?

Or, had America’s foes finally succeeded?

Would the lives of the Friday Night Club be shattered as a result?

America’s government was on the verge of collapse and her geopolitical foes smelled blood. While the country was destroyed from within, China deals a final blow. It was time to bring the United States to its knees.


Thrust into a world without power, complete lawlessness took over. The Friday Night Club had been divided as they search for one of their own on the streets of Los Angeles. Would the search for one result in the demise of them all?


An uneasy alliance within the community had finally been endorsed by all. But would it be adhered to? Was it nothing more than a ruse to convince those who were prepared to feed and protect those who were not? Four families remained skeptical and tried to maintain their distance from the neighborhood politics. Until a seminal event threatened to expose their anonymity.

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International best selling author, Bobby Akart is the creator of “just one more chapter” thrillers for readers in 245 countries and territories worldwide including his latest post apocalyptic series, BEHIND THE GATES, Collapse of America.

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