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A Standalone Disaster Thriller Novel

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It’s the largest ARkStorm seen in our lifetime.

They knew it was coming but didn’t tell anyone.

This is the other big one. 


California experiences atmospheric river storms every year, but they haven’t seen a storm like this one. 


Climatologists have shared the history, shown the research and issued the warnings that a thousand year ARkStorm was imminent, but the warnings went unnoticed.


This time, they’ll make sure everyone noticed.

Bobby Akart’s standalone disaster thriller, ARkStorm, is based on historic events. In 1861, a 43-day series of atmospheric rivers turned large swaths of California into an inland sea. Rivers became raging torrents that swept away entire communities killing thousands. The state’s Central Valley turned into a massive body of water 300-miles long and 20-miles wide.


This modern day, fact based fictional novel will have you whispering “just one more chapter” until the end. 

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International best selling author, Bobby Akart is the creator of “just one more chapter” thrillers for readers in 245 countries and territories worldwide including his latest disaster thriller novel, ARk STORM.

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