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A Standalone Disaster Thriller

Publishing: April 27, 2023

Formats: eBook, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Audio, Audible, Jacketed Hardcover, Paperback



Amazon #1 Best Seller: Disaster Fiction

Amazon #1 Best Seller: Post Apocalyptic

Amazon #1 Best Seller: Action & Adventure (Books)

Amazon #1 Best Seller: Action & Adventure (Kindle)

Amazon Top 100 New Release: Kindle Store

Amazon Top New Release: Post Apocalyptic

Amazon Top New Release: Disaster Fiction

Amazon Top New Release: Action & Adventure

Amazon Rating: 4.3 / 5 stars


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It’s the largest ARkStorm seen in our lifetime.

They knew it was coming but didn’t tell anyone.

This is the other big one. 


California experiences atmospheric river storms every year, but they haven’t seen a storm like this one. 


Climatologists have shared the history, shown the research and issued the warnings that a thousand year ARkStorm was imminent, but the warnings went unnoticed.


This time, they’ll make sure everyone noticed.


You can’t turn the pages fast enough in this standalone disaster thriller from international bestselling author, Bobby Akart, one of America's favorite storytellers. 


“Mixing science and suspense is something Bobby Akart is a master of while writing character driven stories that will have you on the edge of your seat.”


Sammy Hendrick is home taking care of her young nieces, while her husband Tyler is immersed in preparations for the upcoming Rose Bowl, when the rains begin.


Los Angeles County Deputy Fire Chief, Finn O’Brien, has seen the beautiful mountainous landscape of his neighborhood recently devastated by wildfire. He’s concerned the mountains can’t hold the rain and everything below it will be buried alive. 


Lives will be scarred forever. 

This is the other big one. 


“Akart has proven, once again, why he's a fan favorite.”


Bobby Akart’s standalone disaster thriller, ARkStorm, is based on historic events. In 1861, a 43-day series of atmospheric rivers turned large swaths of California into an inland sea. Rivers became raging torrents that swept away entire communities killing thousands. The state’s Central Valley turned into a massive body of water 300-miles long and 20-miles wide.


This modern day, fact based fictional novel will have you whispering “just one more chapter” until the end. 



“Outstanding stand alone thriller!”


“One of the most compelling thriller novels I consumed.”


“If you want to experience a heart stopping disaster, this is the book!”


“Exciting, terrifying and adrenaline filled.”


“From the first page until the last one, non-stop action.”

“The book started off slowly but when the storms started, it was edge-of-seat all the way! Non-stop adventure all the way thru to the end of the book.”

“Read this book in one sitting. Best disaster novel so far.”


“Akart scores again”

“Fast action, strong characters and a well developed, believable storyline. Bobby Akart never disappoints and this book is no exception.”

“Another page-turner by Bobby Akart”


“A great disaster thriller.”


“When it starts to rain and darkness falls, all hell breaks loose.”


“Outstanding stand alone thriller!”


“ARkStorm takes the reader from the calm before the storm and not just throws you into the turbulence, but slams you face down…hitting with both barrels right in the emotional feels!”


“Great characters and a storyline only the master of meteorological mayhem could produce! “

“Cracking good action story based on solid research - as usual, Bobby Akart does not disappoint.”


“Great context so realistic I could feel the emotions the fear the relief in the characters as reading it. I highly recommend this read.”


“He has done it again! A fantastic book with great characters and a great story line. This one will keep you up all night. Bobby Akart never disappoints! My bookcase is full of his wonderful stories!!!”


“When I first started reading I figured a light break. Nope! Could not put it down. Could not stop. Became deaf to the world. A roller coaster of a ride. Enjoyed every moment. Wow, you will enjoy this time out from the world.”


“I've never read an action thriller quite like this one. It never stops.”

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