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Nazi Fiction

Gunner Fox Book 4


Published: August 27, 2020

Formats: eBook, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Audio, Audible, Jacketed Hardcover, Paperback

Amazon Rating: 4.9/5


A mysterious science expedition sends out a frantic distress call.

It suddenly ends with a chilling apology.

What have we done?


Buried in the darkest depths of the Bermuda Triangle lies one of the greatest drowned secrets of World War Two - a sunken German U-boat carrying a deadly payload that would've changed the course of the war.


A team of research scientists stumble upon the sub while mapping the deepest part of the Bermuda Triangle along the Puerto Rico trench. Their divers disturb the wreckage and never make it back to the surface.


His newest Gunner Fox trilogy follows the Gray Fox team as they investigate the mysterious wreckage and the deaths resulting from it. What they discover is someone else got there before them. With the sub's payload missing, intelligence picks up chatter that America will face off with an enemy thought to be extinguished nearly a century ago.


"Bobby Akart gives a masterclass in the blending of real history with edge of your seat fiction."

“Another fantastic thriller from Bobby Akart.”

“Odessa Reborn is another series by Akart that combines meticulous historical facts, spellbinding plot lines and amazing character development to give the reader a book you simply can't put down!”

“As always the perfect mix of action, attention to detail, and history melded together to make yet another Akart thriller!”


“No one can research like Bobby Akart and then turn this meticulous research into one exciting thrill ride.”


“I am a Gunner Fox groupie and proud of it!"

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