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Gunner Fox Book 5


Published: September 28, 2020

Formats: eBook, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Audio, Audible, Jacketed Hardcover, Paperback

Amazon Rating: 4.9/5


Around the globe, old horrors are reborn.

Neo-Nazi activity is on the rise.

Intelligence agencies are bombarded with terrorist chatter.

What is real and what is a diversion?


The Germans were defeated in World War II. The Nazis, however, were not. Odessa is real and the Fourth Reich has declared war. 


Hiding in the mountains of Argentina and at the levels of the United States government, Odessa, well-funded and committed to exacting its revenge, plots to unleash terror across the heartland.


Where they will strike and when is anybody’s guess. But Odessa has targets in their sights and the clock is ticking as they prepare to unleash a blitzkrieg upon their sworn enemies.


Gunner Fox and the Gray Fox team face off with an enemy thought to be extinguished nearly a century ago. In a race against time, they follow clues from Berlin to Buenos Aries and across three continents to stop the heinous plot.