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Published: March 31, 2022

Formats: eBook, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Audio, Audible, Jacketed Hardcover, Paperback


Amazon #1 Best Seller: Technothriller

Amazon #1 Best Seller: Disaster Fiction

Amazon #1 Best Seller: Action & Adventure (Books)

Amazon #1 Best Seller: Action & Adventure (Kindle)

Amazon Top 100 New Release (Kindle)

Amazon Top New Release Technothriller

Amazon Top New Release Disaster Fiction

Amazon Top New Release Action & Adventure

Amazon Review Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars



It was the day the sun brought darkness.


It began as a spectacle like no other. They called it the Night of the Northern Lights - a phenomenal light show generated by the power of the sun. It ended in a powerless world thrust into chaos.


This new survival thriller series thrusts North America into darkness beginning with the most dynamic city on Earth, New York. The city was filled with excitement as the news media hyped this as a "once in a hundred years" event, promising the city will be painted in hues of blue and green. What they didn't count on was the Perfect Storm creating a solar event so strong that it collapsed the power grid throughout North America.


The city of New York collapsed with it at remarkable speed. The thin veneer of civilization was laid bare as man fought one another for survival in the city that never sleeps.



“This is one of his best books yet. His characters feel real and authentic and the challenges they face really make the story even more interesting.”


“Bobby Akart never disappoints. This is the beginning of a can't-put-it-done series.”

“This first book in the newest series is absolutely perfect! It had me in its grip from the first chapter until that last page was turned as I hurriedly turned the page.”

“Though Perfect Storm is a work of fiction, drawn from the incredible imagination of this remarkable author, have no doubt that it isn’t a question of if it will happen but when will it happen.”

“Once again this author has crafted a believable end of days scenario with compelling characters that I can't seem to put down.”

“The characters are well developed (I already love them all and care about what happens to them) and the events are very plausible. No one ‘happens’ to be a prepper …”

“A plausible scenario that sucks you & convinces you that these characters are worthy of your involvement.”

“Bobby Akart has written yet another engaging, believable and suspenseful thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat!”

“A lot of action, tension and heart-stopping moments.”

“Please don't kill off Grampa Sam. Pleeeaaasssse?”

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